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Ivan M. George

Senior Lawyer

Mr. Moises George graduated from the Murmansk Higher Engineering Marine School in 1989 where he obtained the Diploma of Naval Engineer. In May 2001, he obtained the title of Licentiate in Law and Political Sciences at the Panama Latin University. Thereafter Mr. Moises George worked for 12 years at the Operations Department of the Naval Agency C. Fernie & Co. S.A., he is consultant in the companies Labor Supply, S.A., Geoex Panama, S.A., International Supply 507, S.A., Globex Telecom Group Limited, CORP., Sourcing & Logistics Panama, INC., among others. Mr. Moises George specializes in Maritime, Labor, Civil, Mercantile and Intellectual property law. Author of the book: "Principales Riesgos Cubiertos por los Clubes de Proteccion e Indemnizacion". (Main risks covered by P&I 'Protection and Indemnity' Clubs) Member of the Panamanian Association of Marine Officers (APOM) and of the national Association of Lawyers. He is Professor of Maritime Law, National Maritime Legislation and teaches the Ship Operations and Theory at the Panamà Inter-American University. He is also professor of Navigation Simulation at the Nautical Sciences department of the Columbus University.  

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